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Websites created by just a few of our many satisfied clients:

Just a few of the website design features you will receive:

A whopping two hundred designs for background of your website! Furthermore, you can customize it fully by uploading your own design to use as your background. If you are transferring your website from another provider and like the current website's background, you can easily copy it and use it as the background of your website with us.

Over three hundred fully animated flash designs that are professional, and in most cases very stunning, are available for you to choose from! Select the web design most suitable for your business and make changes to the website to make it your own unique website with all the flashy animations, beautiful designs containing real-looking fluttering butterflies, birds flapping their wings, vehicles moving on highways, trucks flashing their headlights, and a lot more fascinating flash designs.

Choose from over five hundred images we have ready for your use that include beautiful scenery, professional models, artistic architecture from around the world, and a lot more! These images encompass practically every business category that exists so we are confident that you will find appropriate images that you will be proud to display at your new website without having to create images yourself or purchase images from elsewhere to upload in order to make your new ecommerce website look professional.

An astounding nine thousand flash website designs are possible with different combinations of the above background images, flash designs, and professional images that we provide making our website offering one of the most varied, beautiful, and covering a vast span of real life situations, businesses, and personal scenarios. If you see some of our client websites, you may get an idea of the variety of designs that can be created with ease simply by choosing and clicking on most desirable designs, backgrounds, and images. All of these have been created by the few of the world's most talented web designers.

All information including search engine meta tag information can be updated on your own, anytime. The title, keywords, and description can be customized for optimum search engine ranking and search engine optimization. A customized website logo that you may already have can be uploaded or a stylized text version of your business name will be created automatically for display. A slogan can also be added beside the logo to create a memorable business tag line that will be visible along with the logo across all pages of the entire website.

Background music can easily be added to the website! Easily upload favorite MP3 music file to entertain website visitors. Use our selection of music files from our music library or upload yours and change it whenever you wish! Our selections include Traditional, Techno, Symphony, Pop, Rock, Mystic, Jazz, Instrumental, and Business appropriate music. Soothing background music tends to keep visitors at the website longer thereby increasing the possibility of a sale.

Write in style using a vast array of text colors and enhance your text with text settings that include "bold" and "italic". Text colors and settings can be easily modified using toolbar - Simply highlight the text and click on "bold" or "italic" or click on color chooser in the toolbar and select the color and the text will change its color! Hyperlink any text to an external page very easily: Simply highlight it and click on "hyperlink" button in toolbar and a pop-up appears where you can insert the target URL. A very easy to use interface that does not require you to know HTML, RTML, Flash, nor any other computer language.

All website packages are complete to help you create website from scratch - They include website design, domain registration, multiple email accounts, and web hosting so you need not rely on various providers to piece your website together. An integrated solution like this means saving of time, money, and hassles that are involved in dealing with different parties - Especially when you have a problem with the website. If you ever have a problem with any aspect of the website (website design, email account, domain registration, or web hosting), you simply contact us and we will take care of it promptly.

E-Commerce packages (last two in the list on Website Plan Comparison Page) are completely safe and secure for you and your customers! One of the most unique features we offer is that absolutely no data is stored on your website for hackers to steal so they will not bother to hack your eCommerce website. Thanks to partnership with PayPal, we have integrated our checkout to PayPal's secure checkout where personal customer data including their credit card information will be stored. When an order is received (customers do not have to have a PayPal account - They can pay using any major credit card), PayPal alerts you via brief email and then you can log into your secure PayPal account and print packing slip and ship the order to your customer. Thereafter, you can withdraw funds from your PayPal account to deposit into your bank account. It is that easy!

If you are interested in our Custom E-Commerce Website packages not listed at this website (we also offer websites customized to your needs on different software platforms), please contact us for a quote on a most suitable platform for your needs such as a custom designed Yahoo Site Solution or Yahoo Store Merchant Solutions - Get your business online and save 25% today with Yahoo! Or choose another custom designed E-Commerce website platform.

Therefore, do not hesitate to launch your E-Commerce or Service-Related website today, because we have a plan to suit any budget starting from only around $100 (including website, domain name, email account, and one year web hosting!) to an extremely attractive, user friendly, SEO feature-rich, unique custom website containing few or unlimited number of product listings that will meet all your organization's needs for a very formidable online presence!

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